Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geek Chic: Forever Alone

These next shades are alone, as in some of them are just single players with no collection, others are the only ones from their collection that I've got. In any case I noticed a sort of dark theme going on with these, and decided to group them together for swatch purposes. Keep in mind that if I don't post anything under "My Take" it's because I pretty much agree with the official color description.

(click on pics for larger view) L-R: Chewie, Untimely Love, Solid Snake, Brotherhood of Crows, Stay Indoors

Color Descriptions:
Chewie:Chewie is a rockin' cocoa brown with golden and bronze undertones and has a subtle golden shimmer to it.

Untimely Love: dusky blackened maroon base lit with a vibrant, vivacious spring green glow.

Solid Snake: black/blue duochrome with tons of blue sparkle.
My Take: buy it. now.

Brotherhood of Crows: dusky black base with a glint of metallic gunmetal

Stay Indoors: It is a black green/blue/purple trio-chrome.
My Take: One of the first shades I ever bought as well, I have particularly taken to use it wet as an eyeliner.

Back to the Fuschia
"Back to the Fuchsia is bubblegum, Barbie and candy pinks all rolled into one and smothered in sugary fuschia frosting. The smoothest, richest, sweetest bright fuchsia lipstick with a creme finish that tastes just like root beer."

I know the picture is blurry, but I made it that way on purpose. I still think it shows the color well, it's a bit pink-ier in real life but the texture and coverage of this is absolutely amazing! Plus Root Beer is one of my favorite things on the planet so I very much enjoy the scent of this one.

As Always, thanks for reading!

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love the lip color ;)