Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geek Chic: Go Boldly to the 10-Man Raid

Another combo post! Today I will be posting two shades from 10 Man Raid, and three shades from Go Boldly.

I always seem to have some sort of personal experience or other with these different themes, but the closest I've ever been to WOW is a bit of the TCG (short-lived career is an understatement) and I don't think watching a couple of episodes of Star Trek Voyager makes me even close to being a fan (although my fandom for Capt. Janeway is pretty solid). It doesn't really matter, because I can still enjoy these lovely shades even if I don't really get the jokes ;)

 First off, 10 Man Raid. Mana Battery is on the left, All The Rage on the right.

Color Descriptions: 
Mana Battery:  Mana Battery is a super shimmery white.
My Take: That's exactly what it is. lol.

All The Rage: All the Rage is a soft brown with hints of green and blue highlights.
My Take: This is the second sample of this color that I own. The first was a gift with purchase, and I misplaced it so I ordered another one. It is a beautiful color! After receiving my last sample order I found sample number one. Now I have two. Yayness. :)

(Does this remind anyone else of Mardi Gras? Anyone?)
These shades are part of the Go Boldly collection: Continuum, Mind Meld, Blood Wine.

Continuum: Continuum is a bright sunny yellow with yellow shimmer and yellow gleam.
My Take: bright sunshine yellow, what more does one need?? I had a bit of trouble reaching opacity on the first swipe, but it could've been the Pixie Epoxy.

Mind Meld: Mind Meld is a funky, bright lime-y green with golden/coppery sheen and has oodles of golden glitter.
My Take: Mind Meld reminds me a lot of Green 'Stache, only a bit more intense. Like a level 2 or something.

Blood Wine: Blood Wine is a black/red duochrome that blends to look like a deep burgundy.
My take: Let's take a moment to really appreciate what this color actually is. A perfect one-stop shade for a very unique smokey eye. I LOVE IT.

I hope you find my swatches useful! Thanks for reading :)

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