Friday, September 21, 2012

Geek Chic: Old School Video Game Night

Techically, the names of the collections that these shades belong to are not the one on the title of this post. However, seeing as I grouped together four colors from two different collections, and whenever I think of attempting to master absolutely anything on my SNES I think of these two games, I thought the title was appropriate.
Today I will be showing you swatches of two shades from the Dangerous To Go Alone collection, and two shades from the Mushroom Kingdom collection. I love-to-hate The Legend of Zelda (I actually really like it but for some reason it frustrates me to no end) and for some reason I have never gotten very far in Super Mario Bros. It's safe to say I suck at it. Anyway, on to the swatches!
(as always, swatched dry over Pixie Epoxy, top photo with no flash, bottom with).

L-R: Triforce (reformulated and re-named Power Wisdom Courage), Chosen One, Tomboy Princes, Green 'Stache

Color Descriptions: 
Triforce (Power Wisdom Courage): Power Wisdom Courage is a beautiful gilded yellow-gold with bunches of shimmer and golden sparkle.

My Take: Triforce is more like a beige-gold, very neutral and actually perfect for more everyday use. I am very very  anxious to try the new formulation, because judging by the swatch post on the website, it looks absolutely amazing.

Chosen One: Chosen One is a deep emerald green with tons of gold and green sparkle.

My Take: Whenever I think of Emerald Green I think of something maybe brighter, more of a leafy-green. This shade however makes me think of a forest, maybe a darker, deeper green. It's beautiful.

Tomboy Princess: Tomboy Princess is a sunny buttercup yellow, just bursting with rainbow glitter and has subtle golden undertones.

 My Take: When I look at this color I definitely think Sunshine. It's a cheery color, and it's great for perking up tired eyes with a quick wash of color all over the lid.

Green 'Stache: Green 'Stache is a bright limey green with gold undertones and tons of green and silver sparkle.

My Take: Again, I see this color darker than the actual description but that's still not a problem. It's a bit lighter than Chosen One, and they both pair beautifully together.

 I probably should've done this three posts ago but I  want to make it clear that all products presented in this and previous posts (and those to come) have been purchased by myself and not given to me. I am doing these swatch posts and reviews just to add to the internet, to add more pictures out there for people who are curious as to how these shades look. That's all. They're products that I stand for and support, and this is just my way of showing appreciation for the brand.

Thanks for reading!

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