Thursday, September 20, 2012

Geek Chic: Pwny-Tales

Hey there! Welcome to installment number three of my swatch-frenzy. (This is what you get from such a massive sample order... An overwhelming amount of sparkles!)
Today I bring you some shades from the Pwny-Tales collection. Now, before I ever saw this set go online I'd never watched the new series. But then some friends started talking about it (ok, more like obsessing) and I caved and watched a few episodes on Netflix... It pretty much rocks. So yeah, here goes :)

(Top pic: no flash, daylight bulb. Bottom pic with flash)
L-R: Benevolent lip gloss, Cupcakes, Faithful Student

Shade Descriptions: 
Benevolent:  Benevolent is a soft, yet vibrant cool-toned bubblegum pink lip gloss. It is a sassy explosion of a whole rainbow of sparkles in minty green, vibrant violet, a splash of aqua, all intermingled with holo sparkle too! Benevolent has a secret side to it. When in the right light it has an incredible spring green shift that almost appears to float on top of the pink. It goes on nearly opaque and tastes like a sweet mint julep.

My Take:  I completely agree with the description. This color is definitely one of those you just need to see in person! Here's a lip swatch.. .

So pretty! I love the texture of the gloss as well, I really like the pigmentation and I'm loving the new click-pen applicator. Good Job, Geek Chic :)

Cupcakes: a bright, beautiful, perfect pinky pink! It’s a got a touch of sunshine in it that makes it’s oh so very warm! And that’s not even the best part, it’s packed full of *gasp* GLITTER! Awesome glitter with pops of pink and purple and soooooper pretty iridescent sparkles too!

My Take: I honestly never thought I'd like a pink eyeshadow so much. Ever.

Faithful Student: Faithful Student is a rich and deep deep navy blue that leans purple.

My Take: Color description and website swatch is very accurate. I think it's an amazing color, and I'm looking forward to using it in a purple smoky eye like the website suggests.

I didn't think of this when picking these shades but how perfect would they look used together? I'm definitely going to entertain that thought for awhile.

Thanks for reading!

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Eli said...

Come on, I thought nothing will ever get me this excited :D I'm not a geek and yet these things are just what I needed to perk up my fading makeup obsession these days :D The blue really rocks!